Amber Glassware

Liqueur glass, amber rim, 2oz
Product ID : liqueur-amberrim-1g
Stemmed or footed Liqueur glass for any sipping liquor, cordial, brandy,...
Mexican Drinking glass Amber rim tumbler 10 oz
Product ID : low ball amber rim
Hand blown in Mexico with recycled glass Amber Rim low ball, old fashion...
Snifter 8oz amber rim
Product ID : snifter amber rim
tasting experience, this unique amber rim snifter style glass is a smaller...
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Mexican Glass 14oz Amber Rim
Product ID : Mexican Glass 14oz Amber Rim
Amber Rim Drinking Glass. All purpose everyday glass. Handcrafted using...
Drinking Glass, Amber Rim, Pinched 16oz
Product ID : tumb-amberrim16-pinch-1g
Mexican Drinking Glass Amber Rim 'Pinched'. Very unique. All of the glasses...
Margarita Glass, Amber Swirl Base, 12oz
Product ID : marg-amberrimbase-1gl
Mexican Margarita Glass, Amber Rim, amber Swirl Base. Great for margaritas or...
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Wine Glass hand blown 11oz Amber Rim made in Mexico
Product ID : wine-amberrim-11-1gl.jpg
wine glasses balanced graciously on a translucent stems. These glasses are...
Mexican Glass Pitcher 80oz Amber rim and handle
Product ID : pitch-amberrim-bolasm1a
Made in Mexico with recycled glass this Amber rim and handle bola style...
Mexican Glass Pitcher solid Amber 80 ounces
Product ID : pitch-allamber2
These solid Amber pitchers are handcrafted in Guadalajara, Mexico by...
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Martini Glass, Tangerine Orange, Set of 4
Product ID : martinitangorang-4
Made in Mexico with recycled glass Martini glasses, tangerine orange, hand...
Dragonfly light with Amber glass
Product ID : Mexican-lamp-dragon-fly-yel-lit
Made in Mexico by blacksmith and glass blower this Dragonfly light fixture...