Art Boxes

Art Boxes
Assemblages of reclaimed treasures and other found objects by Sherry Maguire
America the beautiful designed around a "Make Your Own Monopoly" game board...
Angel Record
Angel Record is approximately 8.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches high and 4...
Arch Angel Michael in the Cellar of the Devil (Casillero del Diablo wine box)...
Autom Angel in all her purity has a golden aura showing on the regal purple...
Beacon a light attracting angels Reclaimed Treasures Revisioned by Sherry...
Beef, all natural cows in a pasture. A little crowded but they have each...
BeeHive Galaxy with recycled earth, star system, angel and key of life in a...
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Blue Heart PATH
Blue Heart is saddened and looking for answers keeping busy with daily...
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Broken Heart ArtBox with Mexican Glass heart
Speak Love, be strong, wire up that broken heart, repair the damage....
Cherubs with flowers on sky blue background, original assemblage of...
Chicken in a box, certified naturally grown, all natural no added hormones....
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Cock of the Walk
Cock of the Walk rotates as he gives the ladies the look! Battle of the sexes...
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Code Lock
Code Lock art box is 6 inches wide by 8 inches tall and almost 2 inches deep....
Compost in RED. Eyes watching the change of mushrooms, fruit, worms and...
Day of the Dead Calavera Dog in purple hat
Dog, perro, calavera for Day of the Dead celebration. Remember your pets they...
Deer Girl is coming out of a lotus flower feeling the power of the crystals...
Dogopoly - the study of why we love dogs! The way they look at us, fetch,...
Dragon Heart, ArtBox
American Blown Glass Heart with confetti colors on deep purple fills this...
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Dynamics, things change. When the fire begins, even the rockets cannot quell...
Earth Angel
Earth Angel dressed in blue holding the world is floating in a floral box...