Art Boxes

Art Boxes
Assemblages of reclaimed treasures and other found objects by Sherry Maguire
Day of the Dead Calavera Dog in purple hat
Product ID : day-of-the-dead-catrina-dog-purple-hat
Dog, perro, calavera for Day of the Dead celebration. Remember your pets they...
Product ID : Chicken
Chicken in a box, certified naturally grown, all natural no added hormones....
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Product ID : Autom
Autom Angel in all her purity has a golden aura showing on the regal purple...
Product ID : Cherubs
Cherubs with flowers on sky blue background, original assemblage of...
pink heart
Product ID : pink heart
Mexican blown glass Pink Heart Shadow Box has key safe inside the box with...
Broken Heart ArtBox with Mexican Glass heart
Product ID : heart-broken2
Speak Love, be strong, wire up that broken heart, repair the damage....
Heart XOXO ArtBox
Product ID : heart-xoxo
Kisses and Hearts XOXO for the one you love, glass beads clustered on top and...
Angel Record
Product ID : Angel Record
Angel Record is approximately 8.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches high and 4...
Product ID : Beef
Beef, all natural cows in a pasture. A little crowded but they have each...
Code Lock
Product ID : Code Lock
Code Lock art box is 6 inches wide by 8 inches tall and almost 2 inches deep....
Product ID : Layed
Layed eggs by hen in a chicken coop of her own. She is in a tight space and...
Product ID : Shelly4
Shelly listening to the sounds of the ocean, her heart, and so much more.
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Blue Heart PATH
Product ID : heart-blue2
Blue Heart is saddened and looking for answers keeping busy with daily...
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Heart SCORE Artbox
Product ID : heart-score2a
SCORE you win the heart of the one you love! ArtBox made in America, Mexican...
Heart Nailed ArtBox
Product ID : heart-nailed
Pink 2 inch small blown glass heart flutters with copper wings amidst Nails...
Heart Knob
Product ID : Heart Knob
Heart Knob an assemblage of reclaimed revisioned items by Sherry Maguire....
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Product ID : HIPPO
HIPPO Habitat destruction, Invasive species, Pollution, Population growth ,...
Product ID : America
America the beautiful designed around a "Make Your Own Monopoly" game board...
Product ID : BeeHive
BeeHive Galaxy with recycled earth, star system, angel and key of life in a...
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Cock of the Walk
Product ID : Cock of the Walk
Cock of the Walk rotates as he gives the ladies the look! Battle of the sexes...
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