Blue Rim Glassware

Blue Glass
If you love the classic look, you will enjoy browsing through this category. Here you will find a fine selection of only handmade Mexican Blue glass, Blue Rimmed Glass, blue swirled glass, blue ridged glass, blue spiral glass. You can mix and match making the perfect set for you. If you already have a Blue Rim handmade Mexican dining set, you may find some unique pieces to add on to it.
Mexican Shot Glass, Blue Rim, 2 oz
Mexican bubble glass Blue Rim shot glass. Made in Guadalajara, Mexico with...
Liquor glass, blue rim, 4 oz snifter
Stemmed liquor glass with blue rim and base for tequila, brandy, cointreau,...
Mexican Shot Glass, Blue Swirl 2 oz
Mexican shot glasses, blue swirl design. All of the sets of shot glasses we...
Mexican Blue Agave Shot Glass 4oz
Made in Mexico with recycled glass this large Ocean-Blue Rim shot glass with...
Shot glass, raised blue spiral, 2 oz
Mexican shot glasses, raised blue spiral design. All of the sets of shot...
Mexican drinking glass Blue rim tumbler, 10 oz
Mexican glass Blue Rim low ball Single 10oz Drinking Glass. Old Fashion or...
Mexican Drinking Glass Blue Swirl tumbler, 10 oz
Blue Swirl Tumbler Drinking Glass. Tumbler, low ball glass has blue swirls...
Mexican glass Blue rim 16 oz
Mexican bubble glass 16oz. with traditional blue rim. Great for parties. This...
Drinking Glass, Blue Swirl, 16oz, Mexico
Blue Swirl Drinking Glass, Very unique. All of the glasses we offer are...
Mexican glass Blue Rim 18oz
Mexican bubble glass 18oz. with traditional blue rim. Great for parties....
Drinking Glass, Blue Swirl, 20oz
Single Blue Swirl Drinking Glass, 20oz. These glasses have a blue rim and...
Mexican glass Blue Spiral Rim, 20 oz
Blue Spiral and blue Rim Drinking Glass, 20oz, one (1). This design has a...
Wine Glass hand blown 14oz Blue Swirl
Made in Mexico Blue swirl wine glass large 14 oz size also serve as water...
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Mexican Glass Margarita Glasses Blue Rim 18 oz
Made in Mexico with recycled glass Margarita glasses 18 oz classic blue rim...
Wine Glass hand blown 11oz Blue Rim
Mexican Blue rim wine glass hand made in Mexico with recycled glass. Mexican...
Margarita glass traditional blue rim 20 oz
Made in Mexico with recycled glass this Margarita glass with traditional blue...
Pilsner Glass, Blue Rim
Mexican bubble glass 16oz Pilsner perfect drinking for any beer although...
Martini Glass, Blue Rim, 15oz Short Stem
Mexican glass, Blue Rim Martini (15oz) Short translucent stem with a rich...
Mexican tequila stemmed shot glass, blue rim
Tequila sipping at its finest in 3.5 ounce stemmed blue rim glass. Hand...
Shot Glasses, Blue Rim Jose Cuervo, Set of Two
Set of Two (2) Blue Rim Jose Cuervo Shot Glasses. Great for Parties, these...
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Blue Rimmed glasses, each individually hand blown by glass artisans in Guadalajara, Mexico using glass-blowing techniques perfected over generations. Endlessly adaptable, they do double duty at dessert time for sherbet, ice cream or jello. Please note that as each piece is individually handmade, slight variations in the shape and size of the glass are likely, making every item a distinct example of blown glass craftsmanship.