THIS IS A SELECTION OF OUR GLASSWARE WE OFFER WITH "FREE SHIPPING" any where in 'Continental United States' except Alaska. These hand blown Mexican glasses are packed in custom design boxes for easy shipping and handling. As time goes on we will add more of our custom design glassware to the "FREE SHIPPING"
Mexican Shot glasses, Prickly Pear Cactus design Free Shipping Two glasses
Product ID : shotcactus-2frees
"FREE SHIPPING' on these two Mexican Prickly Pear Cactus shot glasses. Shot...
Mexican Shot Glasses Free Shipping Saguaro Cactus
Product ID : tequilashot-sagurao-2shtfrees
Mexican Shot Glasses Saguaro cactus, Green Rim. All of the shot glasses we...
Day of the Dead Gift Bag with Catrina and shot glass made in Mexico
Product ID : Gift $25
One of 8 Chiquitas (catrinas), a bag and shot glass - FREE SHIPPING Celebrate...
Shot Glasses, Blue Rim, (4) FREE SHIPPING
Product ID : shotbluerim-4glfre
FREE SHIPPING Mexican bubble glass Blue Rim Shot Glasses Set of Four (4)....
"Three Amigos" Cactus, Green Rim Mexican Shot glasses
Product ID : shot3cactus-3.jpg
Agave, Prickly Pear and Saguaro Cactus, Green Rim Shot Glasses. All of the...
Red Heart - Medium 4 inches
Product ID : heartsred-1-med
Mexican bubble glass heart. Hand Blown Glass red heart made in Mexico with...
Shot Glasses, Prickly Pear Cactus Green Rim, Set of 4
Product ID : shotpricklypear-4shtfreship
Prickly Pear, Green Rim Shot Glasses, Set of Four (4). All of the shot...
Mexican Glass Tequila Shot glasses Agave cactus set of 4
Product ID : shotagave-4shtfreship
Mexican glass tequila shot glass with Agave cactus, Green Rim Shot Glass. All...
Shot Glasses, Blue Spiral Rim, Set of Four
Product ID : shotbluespiral-4gl
FREE SHIPPING Mexican shot glasses , Blue Spiral Rim design, set of Four...
Three Hearts- 2 inch- red and white
Product ID : hearts3-wht-red-redwht
Three Hearts hand blown in Mexico with red and white colors. FREE SHIPPING....
Champagne flutes hand blown Mardi gras Confetti pair
Product ID : champ-mardi-gras-2gl
FREE SHIPPING! Mardi Gras Confetti Champagne Glasses for two. Cheers Mate!...
Champagne flutes hand blown Red White Confetti 2
Product ID : champ-confetti-red-2gl
FREE SHIPPING Pair of red and white confetti Champagne flutes hand blown in...
Drinking Glasses, Blue Swirl, 16oz, Set of 4, FREE SHIPPING
Product ID : tumbblueswirl16-4gl
Set of Four (4) Blue Swirl Drinking Glasses (free shipping), Very unique. All...
Red Heart and red rim shot
Product ID : heart-red-rk-redrimshot
Mexican Blown Glass red heart paired with matching red rim shot glass. FREE...
Red Hearts- Medium 4 inches
Product ID : heartred-med-2gl
Mexican blown Glass red hearts, a pair (two) makes for a special gift. Each...
Margarita Glasses, Green Rim, 10oz, (4) Free Shipping
Product ID : margargrnrim8-4glfreshipp
Set of 4 green rim margarita glasses balanced graciously on translucent...
Product is out of stock
Tres Amigos Margarita and shots FREE Shipping
Product ID : 3amigos-marg-shots-agaveFS
Three traditional green rimmed 10oz margarita glasses along with three green...
Drinking Glasses, Blue Swirl, 12oz, Set of 6 (FREE SHIPPING)
Product ID : tumbblueswirl10-6gl
Blue Swirl Tumbler Drinking Glasses, Set of Six (6). Great for parties. These...
Martini Glasses Red Rim, 10 oz, FREE SHIPPING
Product ID : martini-redrim-4glfree
Martini glasses, 10 oz. red rim from Mexico with FREE SHIPPING. balanced...
Mexican Margarita Glasses, blue swirl, set of four
Hot Deal
Product ID : e1e02d7de5e7bb81d2ef
Margarita glasses (4) blue swirl with blue base is a custom design made for...