Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets
All gift baskets are hand packed and can be customized to fit your wishes. We offer trays, Racks, Hand painted plates and bowls for everything from salt to limes,from salsa to sugar. Call or email us if you do not see something you want, we will try to accommodate. We add a personal touch to every gift we sell and include a complimentary 'Eye4Art' gift card letting the recipient know who to thank for this unique and beautiful gift. Each Custom Gift Box is mailed securely inside a packing box - priority mail and overnight shipping is available. To add to your gift basket with more unique “stuff” click here: Margarita Gift Basket Accessories
Margarita Party Gift Basket, Confetti Swirl
This Margarita Party Gift Basket Includes: -Four (4) Confetti Swirl...
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Margarita Party Gift Basket, Red Swirl, With Shot Glasses
This Margarita Party Gift Basket Includes: -Two (2) Red Swirl Margarita...
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Mexican glass painted fish gift basket
Painted Fish Martini/Margarita Party Gift Basket Includes: -Two (2) Hand...
Wine glasses hand blown 14oz Turquoise and White swirl Iridescent four Gift box
Gift Box with Four hand blown wine glasses. Mexican glass handcrafted in the...
Margartia Glasses, Red Spiral with Salt Rimmer and 'Ass Kicking Margarita Mix' Gift Basket for Two
This unique gift box includes Dual Red Spiral Margarita Glasses with a Jose...
Margartia Glasses, Red Swirl w Salt Rimmer and 'Ass Kicking Margarita Mix' Gift Basket for Two
Mexican Margarita gift set includes Two Red Swirl Margarita Glasses with a...
Margarita & Shot Glasses, Blue Swirl Gift Box Set of 2 Each with Margarita Salt
Mexican Margarita gift set includes two hand blown blue swirl Margarita...
Margarita Party Gift Set, Green Spiral Rim
This Margarita Party Gift Set Includes: -Two (2) Green Spiral Rim Margarita...
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'Cheris' Four Pack of Prickly Pear Syrup and Margarita Marmalade
Delicious 'Cheris' Prickly Pear Syrups and Margarita Marmalade are a staple...
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Mojito Party Gift Set, Blue Swirl Glasses
This Mojito Party Gift Set Includes: -Two (2) Blue Swirl Mojito Glasses...
Product is out of stock
Day of the Dead Jewelry Large Skull Bracelet
Celebrate All Souls Day wearing this colorful large skull bracelet wired with...
Margarita Glass Rimmer
Margarita Glass Rimmer. Great for parties or just for making the perfect...
'Three Amigos Lollipop Set' Scorpion, Margarita and Margarita Worm Lollipops (one each)
Lollipop candy with Scorpions, Worms and Margarita Flavor add a fun and...
CoronaRita Holder for Corona beer, Mexican Margarita, set of 4 clips
CORONA RITA (Coronarita) Corona Beer BOTTLE HOLDERS (set of 4) HOLDS A CORONA...
Ass Kicking Margarita Mix
Ass Kicking Margarita Mix (this mix is spicy) the margarita has become a...
Round ball ice cube trays
Hard to find ice cube trays that make round ice cube balls. (also diamond...
Napkins hand made in Mexico
Cloth napkins hand made in Mexico, two napkins for your Mexican table...
Product is out of stock
Bag Pink Frida 11 H x 14 W
Frida bag in Yellow, Blue or Pink. Day of the Dead Nylon bag with image of...
Sombrero Mini Party hat
Sombrero mini (6 inch in diameter) party hats $5.95 each, are in various...
Mexican Clay Ceramic Tequila Mescal shot glass
Traditional clay shots for pulque, moonshine, tequila, mescal or just...