Home Decor

Home Decor

How we embellish our homes or what we choose as gifts provides a peek at who we are, what we do and how we define ourselves.

Home is where the HeART is. Art is personal and should be chosen for your own enjoyment. Even though we entertain or share our homes with guests, this is our personal environment for Relaxing, cocooning, playing, forming ideas, working on personal projects and expressing ourselves.

Embellish your living space with your own personal ideals. Set the stage for the moment with special lighting by candle or oil lamp. Bring the outside element inside with garden water fountains and other Garden decor.
Napkins hand made in Mexico
Product ID : mex-napkin-mixfold1
Product is out of stock
Server for Cream
Product ID : bluewhtcreamer
Salt and Pepper Shakers
Product ID : bluewhtshakers
Server for Sugar
Product ID : bluewhtsugarbowl
Butterfly forest green small
Product ID : butterflymex-green small
Painted Butterflies Three hand made in Mexico Blue
Product ID : butterfly-metal-handmade-blue-3
Mirror tin art frame
Product ID : mirrormexsilver
Napkin Ring Set of Six
Product ID : bluewhtnapkinring
Mirror 6 sided Talavara tiles
Product ID : mirrormex6side
Product is out of stock
Agave Metal art hand painted in Mexico small 16"
Product ID : agave-metal-flower-small-1
Mirror with Talavara tiles
Product ID : mirrormexsilvertalavaratile
Salad Bowl 10" Diameter
Product ID : 10bluewhtsaladbowl
Server Pot with Lid
Product ID : bluewhtpotwcover
Agave Metal art hand painted in Mexico medium 21
Product ID : agave-metal-2-flower-medium-1ag
Hand blown glass bowl white confetti with chocolate swirls
Product ID : hand-blown-glass-bowl-white-chocolate-sw