Mexican Margarita Glasses, hand blown

Margarita Glasses

Mexican Margarita Glasses from Traditional Blue Rim Margarita Glasses to the festive Confetti Margarita Glasses, we offer a variety of Mexican hand blown margarita glasses and margarita glass sets. These glasses are handcrafted in Guadalajara, Mexico by individual artists, using glass-blowing techniques perfected over generations.

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A sampling of the margarita & shot glasses may be seen at Cactus Carlos at 7229 E Main St, Scottsdale AZ. For a MAP click here
Mexican Margarita Glass XXL 56oz Yellow Sun Flower on Blue
Mexican Bubble glass, Very Extra Large Margarita Glass hand painted with...
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Mexican Margarita Glass Extra Large 56 oz
Margarita Glass XXL 56 oz hand blown in Mexico with blue rim and blue base,...
Mexican Margarita glasses Confetti design with Margarita salt in a gift box
Mexican glass set includes two hand blown confetti Margarita Glasses and Jose...
Margarita Glasses, Green Swirl, 14oz, Set of 4
Green Swirl Margarita Glasses with rich green base, Set of Four (4)....
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Mexican Margarita Glasses, Confetti Rim, 10 oz. 4
Margarita glasses Mexican Bubble glass. Confetti rim design balanced...
Mexican Margarita Glasses 18oz Turquoise Swirl 4
Hand blown glass. Mexican Bubble glass made in Mexico with recycled glass....
Margarita Glasses, Bright Confetti Swirl, 15oz, Set of 4
Bright Confetti Swirl Margarita Glasses, 15oz, Set of Four (4). Great for...
Margartia Glasses, Red Swirl w Salt Rimmer and 'Ass Kicking Margarita Mix' Gift Basket for Two
Mexican Margarita gift set includes Two Red Swirl Margarita Glasses with a...
Mexican Glass Margarita, Green Rim, 10 oz, Set of 4
Set of 4 green rim margarita glasses balanced graciously on translucent...
Mexican Margarita Glasses, Blue Swirl, 15oz, set of four
Mexican Margarita glasses (4) blue swirl design with blue base. These glasses...
Margarita Glasses, Extra Large with Blue Rim and Base set of 2
Mexican bubble glass Extra Large 42 to 46 oz Margarita Glasses with...
Margarita Glasses, Red Swirl Base, Set of 4, 12oz
Mexican Margarita Glasses Set of four (4) Red Rim, Red Swirl Base, 12oz each...
Margarita Shot and drinking glass set
Mexican Bubble Glass set with traditional BLUE RIM. A pair of blue rim...
Margarita Glasses, Confetti Rim, 16oz, Set of 4
Mexican Bubble Glass Set of four (4) Confetti Rim Margarita glasses balanced...
Pair(2) of Tall, Multi Colored Confetti Swirl Margarita Glasses & Matching Pitcher
Pair(2) of Multi Colored Confetti Swirl Drinking Glasses & Matching Pitcher....
Mexican Margarita Martini Glass, Blue Rim 15oz Short Stem set of four
Mexican bubble glass, Set of four Blue Rim Martini glasses(15oz) Short...
Margarita, Shot and Drinking Glasses, Green Rim, Set of 2 each
This Green Rim Mixed Set includes two (2) Green Rim Margarita Glasses, two...
Mexican Margarita glasses, 18oz set of 4
RED SPIRAL with RED RIM Margarita Glasses balanced on a translucent stem with...
Product is out of stock
Mexican Margarita Blue Rim Glasses with Pitcher, Set of 2
Blue Rim Margarita Glasses (Set of Two) and Matching Pitcher. Handcrafted in...
Mexican Margarita Glasses, Bumpy Confetti, 14oz, Set of 4
Made in Mexico with recycled glass Four (4) Bumpy Confetti Margarita Glasses....
A sampling of the margarita & shot glasses can be seen at Cactus Carlos at 7229 E Main St, Scottsdale AZ. For a MAP click here