Mexican Margarita Glasses, hand blown

Margarita Glasses

Mexican Margarita Glasses from Traditional Blue Rim Margarita Glasses to the festive Confetti Margarita Glasses, we offer a variety of Mexican hand blown margarita glasses and margarita glass sets. These glasses are handcrafted in Guadalajara, Mexico by individual artists, using glass-blowing techniques perfected over generations.

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A sampling of the margarita & shot glasses may be seen at Cactus Carlos at 7229 E Main St, Scottsdale AZ. For a MAP click here
Margarita Glass, Amber Swirl Base, 12oz
Product ID : marg-amberrimbase-1gl
Mexican Margarita Glass, Amber Rim, amber Swirl Base. Great for margaritas or...
Margarita Glass, Red Swirl Base, 12oz
Product ID : marg-redrim-base-1gl
Margarita Glass, Red Rim, Swirl Base 12oz balanced graciously on a...
Mexican Margarita Glass Turquoise Rim and Base 12oz
Product ID : Mexican-margarita-glass-turquoise-r-10-1
Margarita glass hand blown 12 ounces to the rim, Turquoise rim and base....
Mexican Glass Margarita Glasses Blue Rim 18 oz
Product ID : Mexican-glass-marg-bluerim18-1g
Made in Mexico with recycled glass Margarita glasses 18 oz classic blue rim...
Mexican Glass Margarita, Green Rim, 10 oz.
Product ID : margargrnrim8-1gl
A green rim margarita glass balanced graciously on translucent stem. These...
Product is out of stock
Mexican Margarita Glass, Turquoise Swirl, 18oz
Product ID : Mexican-glass-margarita-turquoise-18-1g
Mexican Bubble glass hand made with recycled glass in Mexico. Mexican...
Margarita Glass, Blue Swirl, 15oz
Product ID : 382b90f12b
MADE IN MEXICO WITH RECYCLED GLASS Blue Swirl Mexican Margarita Glass. This...
Margarita Glass, Red Swirl, 15oz
Product ID : marg-redswirl-1gl
Single (1) Red Swirl Margarita Glass with clear base. Great for margaritas or...
Mexican Glass Margarita Glasses Confetti Rim 15 oz
Product ID : Mexican-glass-marg-confetrim15-1g
Made in Mexico with recycled glass Margarita glasses 15 oz confetti rim...
CoronaRita Holder for Corona beer, Mexican Margarita, set of 4 clips
Product ID : martini-confsw-coronita6
CORONA RITA (Coronarita) Corona Beer BOTTLE HOLDERS (set of 4) HOLDS A CORONA...
Margarita Glass, Confetti Swirl 16oz
Product ID : marg-confswirl-1gl
Made in Mexico with recycled glass Margarita Glass in Confetti Swirl design...
Mexican Margarita Glass, Pebble Confetti 17oz
Product ID : marg-pebble-1g
Hand blown bright pebble confetti design smoother than the bumpy confetti...
Mexican Margarita glass, red spiral 18oz
Product ID : marg-redspiral-34-1g
Red Spiral with red Rim Margarita Glass balanced on a translucent stem with a...
Margarita Glass, Red Swirl 18oz
Product ID : Mexican-glass-margarita-red-swirl-1g
Made in Mexico with recycled glass Red Swirl Margarita Glass with a clear...
Martini Glass Mexican Blue Glass, 15oz
Product ID : martinibluerim-med-1gl
Mexican Blue Glass with blue rim, medium size martini glass balanced...
Martini/Margarita Glass, Lime Green, 10oz
Product ID : martini-grn-1gl11
Single (1) Martini Glass in Lime Green Design, 10oz. Great for martinis or...
Product is out of stock
Mexican Glass Martini Orange Color
Product ID : martini-org-1gl
Orange Margarita/Martini/Desert glass. Attractive and Functional.
Mexican Glass Margarita green rim Saguaro cactus stem 12 oz
Product ID : marg-grnrim-saguaro-1g
Margarita glass with Green rim balanced graciously on Saguaro cactus stem....
Mexican Margarita Glass 18oz Tricolor
Product ID : Mexican-Margarita-Glass-Tricolor-18oz
Made in Mexico this 18oz Margarita glass is made up of the rainbow colors of...
Mexican Glass, Margarita Martini Cactus with Poncho Design 15 oz
Product ID : martini-pancho1
Mexican glass hand painted with Sleepy Poncho, Saguaro Cactus, and Agave on...
A sampling of the margarita & shot glasses can be seen at Cactus Carlos at 7229 E Main St, Scottsdale AZ. For a MAP click here