Martini Glasses

Martini Glasses

We offer a variety of Mexican hand blown glass martini glasses and martini glass sets. We have confetti, confetti rim, blue swirl, red swirl, green rim, blue rim and more. If you are looking for unique martini glasses this is the place. Handcrafted in Guadalajara, Mexico by individual artists, using glass-blowing techniques perfected over generations. Endlessly adaptable, they do double duty at dessert time for sherbet, ice cream or fruit.
Classic Martini 6oz Confetti Swirl made in Mexico
Product ID : Mexican-glass-confetti-swirl-martini-6-1gla
Classic Martini glass - perfect 6oz size dry, dirty, or straight up. Single...
Martini Glass Confetti Rim 6oz
Product ID : martini-confetrim6-1gl
Classic Martini glass - perfect 6oz size dry, dirty, or straight up. Single...
Martini Glass Red Rim 6oz
Product ID : martini-redrim6-1gl
Handcrafted in the area around Guadalajara, Mexico by local artisan, using...
Martini Glass, Blue Rim, 15oz Short Stem
Product ID : mexican-glass-margmart-bluerim15-sht-1gl
Mexican glass, Blue Rim Martini (15oz) Short translucent stem with a rich...
Mexican Glass Martini Red Rim 10 oz
Product ID : Mexican-glass-red-rim-martini-O-10-1
Mexican Glass Martini design red rim 11 oz to the rim. Handcrafted in the...
Martini Glass Mexican Blue Glass, 15oz
Product ID : martinibluerim-med-1gl
Mexican Blue Glass with blue rim, medium size martini glass balanced...
Martini Glass Red Rimmed, 15oz
Product ID : martini-redrim-1gl
Martini glass red rim, balanced graciously on a translucent stem. Single red...
Martini Glass, Blue Swirl, 15oz
Product ID : martini-bluesw-1gl
Single (1) Blue swirl design Mexican margarita/martini glass balanced...
Martini Glass, confetti rim, 15oz
Product ID : martini-confrim-1gl
Made in Mexico colorful confetti rim martini glass. The art of blown-glass...
Martini Glass, Confetti Swirl, 15oz
Product ID : martini-bigconf-1gl
Martini Glass, Confetti Swirl. Great for martinis, margaritas or endlessly...
Martini Glass, Green Rim, 15oz
Product ID : martini-grnrimbase1gl
Green Rim Martini Glass. Made in Mexico Great for martinis or endlessly...
Martini Glass, Red Swirl, 15oz
Product ID : martini-redswirl-1glass
Single (1) Red Swirl design Mexican Martini glass. These glasses are...
Martini/Margarita Glass, Lime Green, 10oz
Product ID : martini-grn-1gl11
Single (1) Martini Glass in Lime Green Design, 10oz. Great for martinis or...
Product is out of stock
Mexican Glass Martini Orange Color
Product ID : martini-org-1gl
Orange Margarita/Martini/Desert glass. Attractive and Functional.
Mexican Glass bumpy confetti margarita, martini 12oz
Product ID : martini-bumpconf-1gl
Bubble glass finds inspiring expression in this multi-colored bumpy confetti...
Product is out of stock
Mexican Glass pebble confetti martini 14oz
Product ID : Mexican-glass-peb-confetti-martini-14-1g
Hand Made in Mexico by Jose Luis Rojas Fierros in the area around...
Mexican Glass, Margarita Martini Cactus with Poncho Design 15 oz
Product ID : martini-paintpancho3-1g
Mexican glass hand painted with Sleepy Poncho, Saguaro Cactus, and Agave on...
Mexican Glass, Margarita Martini Fish on Blue 15oz
Product ID : martini-paintfish4-1g
Mexican glass hand painted Fish on Blue background on blue rim hand blown...
Mexican Glass, Margarita Martini POP Blue 15oz
Product ID : Mexican-glass-martini-paintPOP-blue-1g
Mexican Glass Margarita Martini hand painted with various POP designs on blue...
Mexican Glass, Margarita Martini POP Green 15oz
Product ID : Mexican-glass-martini-paintPOP-green-1g
Mexican Glass Margarita Martini hand painted with various POP flower designs...
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