Mexican Glass Sets

Mexican Glass Sets

We offer margarita glass sets, high ball sets, martini glass sets, shot glass sets, tumbler sets, pilsner glass sets, champagne glass sets and wine glass sets. The designs we offer in sets include multi colored confetti, blue swirl, blue spiral, hand-painted flowers, fruit and figures.

All of the sets of glasses we offer are handcrafted in the area around Guadalajara, Mexico by individual artists, using glass-blowing techniques perfected over generations. Please note that as each piece is individually handmade, slight variations in the shape and size of the glass are likely, making every item a distinct example of blown glass craftsmanship. Tiny bubbles within the surface exemplify this singular, rustic technique. Not to be used with hot beverages.
Martini Glasses Red Rimmed, 15oz
Product ID : martini-redrim-2gl
Martini glasses red rim, balanced graciously on a translucent stem. Single...
Margarita, Martini and Low Ball Green Rim Glasses
Product ID : martini-marg-10-grnrim-3gl
Three Cocktail Glasses made in Mexico by local artisans. Each glass is hand...
Margarita Glasses and Pitcher Rack
Product ID : rack-marg-loop-3
Hand made metal rack for Mexican margarita glasses and matching pitcher. This...
Product is out of stock
Red Tumbler, Mexican Drinking glasses, Set of Four (4)
Product ID : orgredsmltumbler-4
Mexican drinking glasses, Four(4) Red. Very unique. All of the sets of...
Margarita Glasses and Pitcher Display Rack
Product ID : Mexican-margarita-display-rack-front
Hand made metal display rack for large bola pitcher and Mexican margarita...
Mexican Margarita Glasses, Blue Swirl, 15oz, (2) FREE SHIPPING
Product ID : Mexican-margarita-glass-blue-swirl-15-2
Margarita glasses (2) blue swirl design with rich blue base. These glasses...
Shot Glasses, Blue Swirl, Set of 6
Product ID : shot-blueswirl-6gl
Mexican shot glasses, blue swirl design, set of six (6). The glasses are...
Shot Glasses, Green Swirl, Set of 6
Product ID : shot-grnswirl-6gl
Mexican shot glasses, green swirl design, set of six (6). The glasses are...
Shot Glasses, Red Swirl, Set of 6
Product ID : shot-redswirl-6gl
Mexican shot glasses, red swirl design, set of six (6). The glasses are about...
Mexican Margarita glasses Confetti design with Margarita salt in a gift box
Product ID : margarconfet2gl-salt
Mexican glass set includes two hand blown confetti Margarita Glasses and Jose...
Shot Glasses, Red Spiral Rim, Set of Six
Product ID : shotredspiral-6gl
Mexican shot glasses, Set of Six (6), in Red Spiral Rim design. All of the...
Margarita Glasses, Green Swirl, 14oz, Set of 4
Product ID : marggrnswirl-4gl
Green Swirl Margarita Glasses with rich green base, Set of Four (4)....
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Mexican Glasses, Bumpy Confetti, 10oz, Set of 4
Product ID : tumb-bumpconfet-10oz-4gl
Mexican Glass Bumpy or Pebble Confetti Drinking Glasses, Set of Four (4)....
Shot Glasses, Blue Spiral Rim, Set of Four
Product ID : shotbluespiral-4gl
FREE SHIPPING Mexican shot glasses , Blue Spiral Rim design, set of Four...
Martini Glass, Tangerine Orange, Set of 4
Product ID : martinitangorang-4
Made in Mexico with recycled glass Martini glasses, tangerine orange, hand...
Product is out of stock
Mexican Shot glasses, raised blue ridge design
Product ID : shotblueridge-6gl
Mexican shot glasses, raised blue siral design. All of the sets of shot...
Drinking Glasses, Blue Swirl, 12oz, Set of 6
Product ID : tumbblueswirl12-6gl
Blue Swirl Tumbler Drinking Glasses, Set of Six (6). Great for parties. These...
Margartia Glasses, Red Swirl w Salt Rimmer and 'Ass Kicking Margarita Mix' Gift Basket for Two
Product ID : giftbx-redswirlmarg2mix
Mexican Margarita gift set includes Two Red Swirl Margarita Glasses with a...
Mexican Prickly Pear shot glasses (6)
Product ID : d3a60223371796fe0c45
Mexican Prickly Pear Cactus shot glasses. (set of six) All of the sets of...
Mexican Shot glasses, Prickly Pear Cactus design 6
Product ID : shotpricklypear-6gl
Mexican Prickly Pear Cactus shot glasses. (6) All of the sets of shot glasses...