Mexican Glassware

Mexican Glassware
MEXICAN BLOWN GLASS (Margarita Glasses)

Eye4Art offers the largest variety of Mexican hand blown glass drinkware, including custom designed margarita glasses, martini glasses, shot glasses, wine glasses and pitchers all made in the famous glass blowing town of Tlaquepaque, outside of Guadalajara, Mexico.

A sampling of the margarita & shot glasses can be seen at Cactus Carlos at 7229 E Main St, Scottsdale AZ.

A real Mexican traditional look. Everything about them says Mexico! Celebrate your parties with the real authentic article!


We travel to Mexico once a month so we can discover unusual Mexican glassware. If there is a particular piece of glass you are interested in email us:
Wine Glass hand blown 11oz Blue Rim
Mexican Blue rim wine glass hand made in Mexico with recycled glass. Mexican...
Wine Glass hand blown 12oz confetti rim, made in Mexico
Mexican glass Large 12oz confetti rim wine glasses balanced graciously on a...
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Margarita Glass, Red Swirl, 15oz
Single (1) Red Swirl Margarita Glass with clear base. Great for margaritas or...
Shot Glasses, Blue Rim Jose Cuervo, Set of Two
Set of Two (2) Blue Rim Jose Cuervo Shot Glasses. Great for Parties, these...
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Orange Swirl Tumblers, 12oz, Set of 2
Orange Swirl Tumblers, 12oz, Set of Two. The orange swirl design creates a...
Shot glass, extra large w custom design metal holder
Extra large shot glass. Great conversational piece for those margarita...
Pomegranate-Red rim 8oz Tumblers
Pomegranate-Red rim low ball pair of drinking glasses. Great for parties....
Shot Glasses, Confetti Rim, Set of 2
Mexican shot glasses, Set of Two (2) in Confetti Rim design. All of the sets...
Shot Glasses, Green Spiral Rim, Set of 2
Set of two (2) Apple-Green Rim Swirled shot glasses. Great for margaritas or...
Shot Glasses, Prickly Pear Cactus, Set of 2
Mexican Prickly Pear Cactus shot glasses. (2) All of the sets of shot glasses...
Red Rim Drinking Glasses, 10oz, Set of 2
Red Rim Drinking Glasses, 10oz, Set of Two (2). Great for parties. These...
Mexican Shot Glasses Agave Cactus Tequila 2
Agave Cactus, Two Green Rim Shot Glass. All of the shot glasses we offer are...
Drinking Glasses, Green Rim, Tall, Set of 2
Green Rim Drinking Glass, 12oz, Set of Two (2). Very unique. All of the sets...
Drinking Glasses, Red Swirl, 20oz, Set of 2
Red Swirl Drinking Glasses, 20oz, set of two. Great for parties. These...
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Drinking Glasses, red, tall, Mexico
Pair,Tall, Red Drinking Glass. Very unique. All of these glasses are...
Mexican Glass Pitcher, green rim and handle
Mexican glass Green Rim and Handle Pitcher. These pitchers are handcrafted in...
Martini Glasses, Lime Green, 10oz, Set of 2
Martini Glasses in Lime Green Design, 10oz, Set of Two (2). Great for...
Product is out of stock
Margarita Glasses, Bright Confetti Swirl, 15oz, Set of 2
Bright Confetti Swirl Margarita Glasses, 15oz, Set of Two (2). Great for...
Shot Glasses, Confetti Rim, Set of 4
Mexican Shot Glasses, Confetti Rim design, Set of Four (4). All of the sets...
Tumblers, Red Rim, 10oz, Set of 4
Red Rim Tumbler Drinking Glasses, Set of Four (4). Great for parties. These...