Champagne Glasses, Flutes, Mexico


Champagne flutes made in Mexico glow in swirled and confetti designs. Handcrafted in area around Tlaquepaque, Mexico by a local artist, using glass-blowing techniques perfected over more than forty plus years. Eternally elegant any of these unique champagne flute's will be a conversation piece at any get together party, wedding or other celebration! Please note that as each piece is individually handmade, slight variations in the shape and size of the glass are likely, making every item a distinct example of blown glass craftsmanship. Tiny bubbles within the surface exemplify this singular, rustic technique.
The art of blown-glass finds inspiring expression in these swirled and confetti champagne flutes handcrafted in Guadalajara, Mexico by individual artist. Decades of experience are manifested in every piece, as the artisans shape graceful contours using traditional hand-blowing techniques. The glass offers a stylish attitude to any festive mood. Created in a pleasing multi-colored confetti style. (Blown glass)