Cinco de Mayo Specials

While it's popular to believe that Cinco de Mayo is an observance of Mexican Independence, the festival actually celebrates a victory of 4,000 ill-equipped Mexicans over 6,500 armed French invaders in 1862. The battle known as La Batalla de Puebla, which took place on (you guessed it) May 5. Today, all is forgiven, with fiestas planned across the States and in many communities where Mexicans live. Even "gringos" who have little idea why they are coming to a Cinco de Mayo celebration are happy to commemorate the day, and to join in the fun and parties on the 5th of May.

To kick off your own Cinco de Mayo party, begin by decorating with authentic hand blown Mexican glassware. We have over 20 different styles of Margarita glasses (the largest selection outside of Mexico). We also have a great selection of colorful glasses, along with matching Margarita Pitchers, Fun Shot Glasses like the “3 Amigos” set and Margarita Gift Basket and Accessories that are a must-have to celebrate a traditional Cinco de Mayo Party.

Find over 20 different Margarita Styles in the Margarita Recipe section and remember to check out other categories for more unique pieces!